What loosing my keys taught me about organizing

If you are like me, you’ve spent hours of your life looking for your keys. 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, just searching for keys. When paired with an already tight schedule, this can cause problems: being late for work, stress, increased blood pressure, and a crappy mood. Who has time for that?

I thought that getting one of those cute key hooks to put by the door would solve this problem. But unfortunately it did not. Apparently hanging the key on the hook when I walked in the door was too much. Haha. So I continued searching for my keys endlessly.

After learning some very valuable organizing techniques, I tried again. This time I got a small crock that I put next to the door. I can just toss my keys, and then find them easily. It did take a bit to get into the habit of tossing the keys in the crock, but now it’s pretty much automatic.

So what’s the difference between hanging the keys on the hook and tossing them in a small crock? Ease! Hanging the keys required lifting them to the hook and finding a ring to put on the little peg. Sounds easy enough, right? But apparently for my super busy “I don’t have the time for that” mindset, it was too much. (Yes, you can laugh at the seemingly silliness of this, I do!) Tossing the keys in a container takes less time and is much easier.

So what I learned? Keep it simple. If your organizing systems are too complicated, they won’t stick. And if you have kids and a husband, the organizing systems must be easy enough that they can do it too.

For example, I did a pantry for a mom of 2. The pantry looked great and had labels, so that everyone would know where everything goes. However in my follow-up we found that the kids (and the husband) weren’t putting things back where they belong. Understandable that the system was too complicated for the young children. The solution: We put a large basket near the pantry door. When someone took something out of the pantry, they could just drop it back in the basket when they were done. Then mom would periodically put the items in the basket where they belonged. This worked because it was simple enough for the kids to be able to do it. And while it was a little more work for mom it was better than things being stuffed back in at the wrong place.

So #1 keep it simple! #2 It may take a few tries, and some tweaking to find a solution that works for you, but simplicity is the Key!

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