25 Items you can get rid of today!

Guilt Free!!

  1. Dried up pens, markers, and highlighters.
  2. Old magazines
  3. Out of date coupons
  4. Samples
  5. Old calendars and planners
  6. Worn out or unmatched socks
  7. Old reciepts
  8. Out of date beauty products
  9. Expired medications
  10. Junk mail
  11. Old electronics
  12. Knick Knacks that are taking up space
  13. Purses/Wallets you never use
  14. Old school books
  15. Worn out or stained washcloths and towels
  16. Old CD's and DVD's you never listen to or watch
  17. Appliance manuals
  18. Puzzles and games with missing pieces
  19. Old containers and Jars
  20. Old/unused batteries
  21. Old sponges or loofas
  22. Shopping bags (plastic and cloth)
  23. Extra and unused coffee mugs
  24. Unused vases
  25. Phone Books

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