What does a professional organizer do?

Professional Organizers work with clients to enhance their lives by developing custom organizing systems and teaching organizational skills.

Why do I need a professional Organizer?

Professional organizers use proven organizing strategies to help you get your home or office under control. I work with you to create personalized organizing solutions that work for you. Getting organized can help save you time and money, reduce stress, increase productivity, and regain control.

Where do I start/what is the process?

Start with an in-home consultation. The consultation takes 30 min-1 hour. During which we look at your organizing struggles, and set up appointments for hands on organizing. I then create a individualized plan of action. We finish up with hands-on organizing and get things done!

What containers will I need?

To start none! I find that in many cases one of 2 things usually happens 1) we declutter and purge enough that containers are unnecessary 2) we can utilize what you already have. As we go along I may make suggestions for specific containers, but most of the time I can make use of what you already have.